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Victorian Prudes and their Bizarre Beachside Bathing Machines

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Paris 1955 
Photo: Frank Horvat
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Boss.  b a d c
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Charlie Chaplin
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Hmm. I’m not seeing the Ed Norton.  Maybe a little? b a d c

I was just told (again) that I look like Edward Norton. I need to somehow make that work to my advantage.

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Julius Born
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per serenata (by Ioffas) b a d c
Carter Buton Album Loan_00041 (by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives) b a d c

I’m happy that spring and summer are on the way, but I’m secretly just holding out until the fall. To me, waiting for autumn is like dreaming about dessert all the way through dinner. 

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Tyrone Power

On the set of Jesse James, 1939
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(via Henry Scott Tuke - Four Masted Barque (1914) ) b a d c